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Dinosaur Lapbook
Dinosaur Lapbook
Dinosaur Lapbook
Dinosaur Lapbook

Dinosaur Lapbook

Do you have a dino-lover? This dinosaur lapbook allows your student to choose one dinosaur of her choice to research and record. It's an engaging way to report on a dinosaur.

The following mini-book templates are included in this lapbook:

  • Cover Piece
  • Dinosaur Habitat House Shape Book
  • Finding Dinosaur Fossils Map Book
  • Dinosaur Fun Facts Tab Book
  • Dinosaur Locomotion Matchbook
  • Anatomy Layer Book
  • Dinosaur Diet Plate Shape Book
  • Dinosaur Name Simple Fold Book
  • Classification Simple Fold Book
  • Draw and Label a Dinosaur Frame

When your student finishes, he might want to start the process again for a different dinosaur! 

This dinosaur lapbook includes two versions: full color and black and white. 

This product is a digital PDF file. 


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