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Insects Lapbook
Insects Lapbook
Insects Lapbook
Insects Lapbook

Insects Lapbook

Dive into the wide, wide world of creepy crawlies with our Insects Lapbook. This hands-on project includes a variety of mini-books to help your student discover the vast world of insects.

Mini-books included in the Insects Lapbook:

1. Cover Piece (two options)
2. Entomologist Simple Fold
3. Complete Metamorphosis Simple Fold
4. Complete Metamorphosis Flap Book
5. Incomplete Metamorphosis Simple Fold
6. My Book of Insect Words
7. Insect Anatomy Tab Book
8. How Many Species? Simple Fold
9. Insect Orders Matchbooks
10. Comparing Insects Venn Diagram (choose ONE)
11. Insect Awards Accordion
12. What Is an Insect? Simple Fold
13. Insect Report Form (choose with or without writing lines)
14. Insect Report Form Pocket
15. Insect Observations Mini-book (choose one option)

Note: This lapbook will require additional research. Your student will need access to books or reliable websites.

Happy Lapbooking!

This product is a digital PDF file. 


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