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Rainforest Habitat Create-a-Scene
Rainforest Habitat Create-a-Scene

Rainforest Habitat Create-a-Scene

Are you looking for a hands-on activity for learning about the rainforest? Try this fun Rainforest Habitat Create-a-Scene.

Students color, cut, and paste to create a rainforest habitat scene with this interactive printable. File also includes an informational page about rainforests with questions to ask your students.

Rainforest animals included in this rainforest habitat project: anaconda, spider monkey, hummingbird, leopard, red-eyed tree frog, howler monkey, tapir, orangutan, parrot, toucan, and sloth.

Note: This Rainforest Habitat Create-a-Scene is included in the Habitat Create-a-Scene Bundle. Buy the bundle and save money!

This product is a digital PDF file. 


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