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Lapbook Any State
Lapbook Any State
Lapbook Any State

Lapbook Any State

This ginormous States Lapbook pack allows your student to dive into geography and history and create a lapbook for ANY state. 

General Mini-books:

  1. Flag Facts Simple Fold
  2. Statehood Simple Fold
  3. State Tree Shape Book
  4. On the Map Simple Fold Book
  5. Fast Facts Flap Book (state motto, state nickname, area, and population)
  6. Weather Report Clipboards
  7. Cities Layer Book
  8. Fun Facts Fan

In addition to the general mini-books, the States Lapbook includes 50 of each of these items to create state specific lapbooks:

  1. Lapbook Cover Pieces
  2. State flags to paste inside the Flag Facts Simple Fold
  3. On the Map Simple Fold Cover Pieces
  4. State Bird Matchbooks
  5. State Flower Matchbooks

If you don't want to make lapbooks, you don't have to. You can pick and choose from the 107 pages in this pack to build an impressive States Notebook. 

This product is a digital PDF file; it is only available in a black and white version. 


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